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Nick Honeycutt has 30 years experience selling printing across multiple platforms including digital, sheet-fed and web offset. He was a Communications major at NC State University. He works with a varied client base including Universities, Government, Non-profits, Ad Agencies, Sports and Entertainment, Food and Beverage, and Real Estate.  Nick is committed to the highest level of customer service, and values developing and maintaining longstanding client partnerships. 

Gail Craft has been in printing and publishing for over 30 years. Trained by Apple & Aldus PageMaker (remember that?),  she traveled around the country converting old Linotype machine operators to the Macintosh Desktop. Gail has taught type setting, font usage, high end RIP output, all of the Adobe products, Quark XPress, and has owned her own magazine and graphic design company.

Anne Marie Mulhern has spent years as an office manager, including everything from bookkeeping and payroll, to making sure that the copier keeps on humming. Certified in Human Management by Duke Univ. and a BA in Business by Northeastern Illinois University. Skills include proficiency in all Quickbook versions, payroll, Human Resources, exporting food products, Letters of Credit, virtual terminals, collections, K1s, HUB certification, etc.